Thursday, April 28, 2011

Here & There.

Having just created a new Twitter background page (grrr!), with much fiddling of page size & orientation, it  has inspired this little series 'Here & There'.

A version of the Twitter Background.

here & there II V1.

here & there II V1.2 (can't decide which of the two I prefer).

For more in this Series, wander over HERE & have a peek in the Picture Book Gallery.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Weekend Dervish.

Knackered after a blistering weekend spent fanatically cleaning, filming & making. Started out with a gentle Autumn clean of the house until I reached the Studio & realised I hadn't seen my desk for what seemed like a lifetime. Four hours later & sweating like a (use your own imagination here)... Desk uncovered.
Oh Joy! Arse indented cushion. It's not really that big; my arse or the cushion.

Shelves, replete with books, dusted & reordered. Completed work (dating back some 6 months), faced & put away in a cat free zone. Various 'used to be' Moths, Spiders, & undiscovered lifeforms hoovered into oblivion. Had forgotten what a pay-off a good clean can be, totally re-energised the studio & myself.
 So, that was Saturday. Sunday comes, all out of kilter with the clocks going back & my 4 yr old Art Director wants to make a movie?!? "Let's make a movie about a dog, Dad"

I love this app: Stop Motion Recorder. Great fun & now we can all be Cecil B DeMille.
& finally to top out the weekend; cracked the middle section of the current Picture Book script... relief unbound.  Metaphorical shake down... & relax.