Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Oh. Here we go...

I recently received an e-mail from a student  asking for some wisdom. Me & wisdom are like this *large gap between pinkies*  So here goes nothing...

Hi Monica,
     Thank you for your kind remarks, it always astounds me that anyone else (other then myself), likes my work.
I checked out your work & the two images that stood out for me were the Picture Book pieces, I can't nail why, just that something different.
 As for pearls of wisdom... there are a gazillion reasons why people give up in the arts & really not that many as to why some make it. 
  Fortitude (bigger balls than anyone else),  & self belief (even larger balls). 
 You really have to love telling stories (visually), even if it's a one off piece, you have to convince the viewer that the character has a life off the page, if that makes sense.
 Draw. Draw. Draw. Even if you end up using the first idea (which happens a lot of the time), draw it to death.
 Watch people a lot, not in some kind of stalkery way but be observant. How a character is posed can tell the viewer everything.
 Be nice when you can & honest when you can't.
 Have a window in your studio, procrastination will be your evil twin, evil twins hate windows... this is a fact.
 Be as social as you can stand to be, even if you are one of those people (medical term forgotten), that has crawly flesh when interacting with others.
 Have fun. 

Good luck Monica,