Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Pirates Ahoy! Just completed a tortuose project that's had me re-learning some very basic moves in PS... Tut! Tut!
 When working on detailed images, break the components down into layers.
Example: The Bear. Layer 1: Sky. Layer 2: Background waves. Layer 3: Bears Head, torso & arms. Layer 4: Bears Pants. Layer 5: Boat. Layer 6: Oar. Layer 7: Lifebelt & rope. Layer 8: Bottles of Pop. Layer 9: For-ground waves.
 It sound laborious but if you cock-up part of the image, you've only cocked-up that layer as opposed the whole image. So, for every component of the overall image break it down into layers. & will I remember this...

So here is a snippet from the image.

To view the whole image you'll need to sail over here.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Animal Farm.

This last couple of weeks has mostly been filled with:

Dancing Rats.

Daddy Chickens

& Daughter Chickens

Late for work Bears in pants

Lady Dogs & Little Ladies