Monday, September 3, 2012

Melbourne Book Week. Part I.

Last week I was lucky enough to spend my days with the Students from Mt Eliza Primary school as part of Melbourne Book Week; & I can say 'lucky' in complete honesty as the students were great ambassadors for the school, I only had to beat one child & she won.

 We had a truck load of fun reading the rough script & dummy for 'Benny & The Rats', which had better sell or there'll be an angry posse of kids brandishing pitchforks & flaming torches outside my studio. 'Benny' was a big hit with the kids, many of them drawing Benny, The Jazz Rats & Sally Stardust. & lots of requests for signed sketches too.

             Made up some crazy stories on the spot with a large dose of stupidness & a dash of fear...

& some not so stupid stories, like The gingerbread Man

OK. Just a bit stupid.

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